Thanks for checking out our work in progress!

We know that we have a lot of work to do, but we've also come a long way! With your help, we can get a lot more done, a lot faster!
  1. Front of the house Summer 2016
    Front of the house Summer 2016
    This is what we started with. Everything is overgrown and there is a lot of work ahead of us.
  2. Starting the Clean-up
    Starting the Clean-up
    We had a lot of clean-up, but we made it fun. Kids are always welcome to help out as well!
  3. Cutting down dead trees
    Cutting down dead trees
    There were lots of dead trees on the property. We are using the cut-up trees to build our hugel-beds.
  4. Fun times!
    Fun times!
    After the mighty wind storm we found our half build shed upside down and moved quite a bit. Being flexible is part of the permaculture mindset and we decided that that is a good location for a goat shelter and will be using our slightly bent shed for their shelter. We will be reinforcing it with wood and making it fun!
  5. Half way back
    Half way back
    Here is Mike standing next to an area in the back that already has formed as a pond.
  6. Hoophouse
    Our beautiful hoop house allows us to extend our growing season.
  7. The "Back 40"
    The "Back 40"
    This is the woods area that will become our mushroom forest and will have cobb houses throughout.
  8. Building soil
    Building soil
    In order to grow the best produce, we have to build the soil. We spent the first 2 years doing that. This is our first year with our market garden beds.