Frequently asked questions

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    Where are you located?
    We are located at 10351 Springborn, just east of County Line in Casco Township.
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    How are you growing year 'round?
    We will be using passive solar growing in greenhouses and hoop houses. We will plant ground crops as well during the Michigan growing season.
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    Are you qualified to do this?
    Yes and no! Individually- no. We are not each qualified to take on such a big concept. However, by bringing in a variety of talented people we are able to capitalize of the unique gifting of each individual and pull it all together to make us a group that is qualified.
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    Are you accepting volunteers?
    YES! We will need lots of amazing volunteers. We just ask that you don't apply to be a volunteer if you are not ready to get dirty, work hard, have fun, and enjoy fellowship with other like-minded people.
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    How can I help now?
    We are doing this as a grassroots effort. We are not starting from deep pockets. We need donations to help fund this community project. We have a viable plan to be self-funding when it gets going, but to get started we need you donation. Any amount helps!
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    Are you going to be organic?
    But of course! We will work on the whole certification thing if we deem that to be necessary for sales. However, we hope that people will come to the Farm-AC and see that we will be using practices that go beyond organic standards.
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    Will you eat your animals?
    No. We will not be killing our animals for food. I understand that animals get old and die, but we are using the animals to help us on the farm and for the visitors to enjoy. We will, however, sell the organic, pastured eggs and sell a small amount of honey.
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    Who will be working?
    We will be employing disabled veterans and cognitively impaired adults and students. We will be volunteer run except for those aforementioned. We want to give a hand up not a hand out. We do want to eventually add some social services positions at the Farm-AC to offer free services to our employees, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!
If you have more questions please contact us